We are Authorised Distributors for PETRONAS products in Ireland.

PETRONAS Lubricants and greases are engineered for excellence and are continuously being improved by research and development to maintain leading edge performance.


PETRONAS passenger car oil is made with premium-quality base materials and superior additive properties. Developed with technology used to power the world's most extreme motor racing machines, PETRONAS passenger car oil drives performance and provides
other integrated solutions for modern drivers. Be it for protection, lower emissions or better mileage, there is always a right solution for the right car. All without any cutback in performance!

PETRONAS motorcycle oil is developed mainly for engine cleanliness and smooth gear changes to deliver optimum efficiency as well as peak performance. Thoroughly tested on the race tracks, PETRONAS motorcycle oils are proven quality for those seeking performance and protection on two wheels... more >>


PETRONAS commercial vehicle lubricants are developed to deliver tailor made product offerings to maximize your fleet and business performance... more >>


PETRONAS believe success starts with understanding your needs and challenges.
Focusing  expertise and applying the latest innovations in lubrication science, PETRONAS have developed a comprehensive range of industrial products to help maximise your business performance. Choose the right product for your application needs and take the effectiveness of your equipment to the next level... more >>