Wind Turbine Services

Delaney Lubricants are Authorised Distributors of PETRONAS and also are the official Irish distributor of the Sage Oil Vac pumping units. We have developed a complete oil exchange service package designed to cope with the difficult demands and conditions when servicing wind turbines.

Our unique service package will remove some of the dangers and risks that have historically surrounded oil exchanges in the past.

Our Sage Oilvac pumping systems are capable of delivering heated clean gear oil and hydraulic oil products to wind turbines standing over 120 mts while also reducing the service time down by up to 75%. When combining this level of service with the superb range of PETRONAS Lubricants & Greases that Delaney Lubricants have to offer customers, we believe we have developed a perfect solution to meet the demands and needs of this growing industry.

The Sage Oil Vac Pump Units

The Sage Oil Vac pump units can be designed and built to meet with each customers individual requirements. These build options include variations on the size of tanks used, the lengths of hoses used or skid mounted or towing trailer versions.

Each unit is also fitted with standard equipment such as pumps, air compressors, spill containment pans, oil heaters and C.C. Jensen filtration units.

The average time to complete a oil exchange using a Sage Vac pump unit would be 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the size of the turbine, this compared with the traditional method of servicing wind turbines represents a saving of up to 75% on servicing down time.